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If you are failing your module, please contact Student Support so that we can assist you. You have a number of choices depending upon the exact circumstances, but Student Support will be able to advise you regarding the best choice for your circumstances:

  • If you have only failed a few assignments it may still be possible for you to pass the module. In this case, continuing with the module could be your best option.
  • If you can still receive an end-of-module grade of 40-49, you may be able to continue with your studies without re-sitting the module (subject to future module grades). See Failing Modules for more details.
  • If you encounter difficulties within the first two weeks of the module, you may be advised to drop the module and start it again when you are better prepared or when circumstances will allow you to concentrate more on your studies; you may do this without academic or financial consequences before the 14th day of the module. See Rescheduling a Module for details.
  • If you have progressed beyond the 14th day of the module, then you may be able to submit an Extenuating Circumstances claim if a situation beyond your control has impacted your ability to study. It is VITAL that you inform your faculty member and the Student Support Team as soon as you experience any such issues. The Board of Examiners will normally only consider a claim for Extenuating Circumstances if the student informed the University of the situation before the relevant deadline(s) for work are affected by the circumstances. A successful claim for Extenuating Circumstances can open the option for a student to re-sit the module without academic or financial penalty. See Extenuating Circumstances for details.

You may re-sit any failed module ONCE (unless a previous attempt at the module was subject to a successful Extenuating Circumstances claim), subject to the payment of the fee for that module. Note that the grade for the failed module will still appear on your degree transcript. See Failing Modules for more details.

If you have failed any module TWICE, you will be unable to complete the requirements for a Masters or Doctoral degree, but may be eligible for another academic award. Please see Eligibility for an Academic Award for details.

Need more help? Contact Student Support here.

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