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This fee is the cost of your tuition only. The tuition fee does not include the following  (if applicable): application fee; reservation fee, re-sit fees, extension fees, technology fees, doctoral residency fee, study skill course fee or any other fee unrelated to tuition.

Tuition fees are calculated by study points.


Postgraduate Award: 30 study points

2 modules of 15 study points each.

Your payment plan is 1 instalment of 30 study points.


Postgraduate Certificate: 60 study points

4 modules of 15 study points each.

Depending on your payment plan, you will pay this in:

1 instalment of 60 study points.

2 instalments of 30 study points.


Masters: 180 study points

8 Modules: 120 study points.

1 Dissertation: 60 study points.

You will pay this in one of the following ways, depending on your payment plan:

Monthly:  4 (no longer available) or 5 study points per month.

Modular: 8 modules of 15 study points per module  and 4 dissertation invoices of 15 study points.

Three Instalments: 3 instalments of 60 study points.

One Instalment : 1 instalment of 180 study points.


Doctoral: 540 points

9 Modules: 270 study points.

9 Doctoral Development Plans: 90 study points.*

1 Thesis 180 study points.



  • Health Programmes started since September 2013 may have modules with variable study-point value.
  • All invoicing is based on study points. The value and frequency of invoices is based on four factors: your fee per study point, the study-point value of a module, your payment plan and when you register to a module.
  • For the costs of study, please refer to your student agreement.
  • If you have been studying for some time, you may also need to refer to the latest email we have sent you regarding the annual increase in the costs of study.
  • Invoices can be viewed and paid in the Student Financial Portal. The 180 study points for Masters, and 540 study points for Doctoral are the standard programme number of study points and do not include possible re-sit fees and associated costs.

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