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Q. I have a question about  – or would like to request – a TL11A Canadian tax form


Please note: the estimated time from your request being received to having your form returned is 15 working days. This is because both Laureate Online Education and the University need to take various steps to complete the form.

Q: Are Canadian students of the University of Liverpool Online eligible for a tax credit?

A: The Canada Revenue Agency has published specific guidance on tax credit eligibility of students attending foreign universities. This guidance is found in several of their publications, including:

RC192(E) Rev.18 – ‘Information for Students – Educational Institutions Outside of Canada’:


P105(E) Rev. 18 – ‘Students and Income Tax 2018’:


While University of Liverpool online programmes generally satisfy the qualifications for students to receive the part-time education tax credit, you should consult with your tax advisor for additional information about your individual situation. (University of Liverpool Online and Laureate employees do not provide tax advice.)


Q: Will the University of Liverpool online certify to my enrolment and sign my Canadian ‘Tuition and Enrolment Certificate’ tax form TL11A?

A: Yes. The Financial Account Support team will facilitate the completion of any necessary tax forms, including your Canadian ‘Tuition and Enrolment Certificate’ tax form TL11A. This is the form filled out by a foreign university that documents, for tax purposes, the number of months a student was enrolled in a qualifying educational programme or a specified education programme. 


Q: Will the University certify to my programme being full-time, and if not, why not?

A: No. University of Liverpool online programmes are part-time programmes.


Q: Where can I find additional information?

A: The Canada Revenue Agency provides information on its website:

Specific guidance also may be found in the following two publications:

P105(E) Rev. 18  – ‘Students and Income Tax 2018’:


RC192(E) Rev.18  – ‘Information for Students – Educational Institutions Outside of Canada’:


To request a tax form for the previous year, please fill in the below form.



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