Answered By: Beatrice Gheorghisor
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2017     Views: 120

We recommend using the payment methods available for you in the Student Financial Portal as these are country specific, based on your location.

You can select you preferred payment method and follow the prompts.

If your payment has been declined, we recommend to contact your bank or card provider to clarify any restrictions that may apply to you and request their support for a solution. Reasons for a declined payment can be:

  • You may have insufficient funds available to make the payment;
  • Details you filled in while making your payment were incorrect;
  • Your card is blocked for international payments or there are thresholds in place for international transactions (check with your bank);
  • The internet connection failed during your payment;

Wire transfers can be a good solution in case there are any restrictions or thresholds in place so please consult with your bank or an alternative bank so that they can suggest the best option for you.

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