Answered By: Gyles Hawkins
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Anyone who receives an academic reward from the University becomes one of their alumni, the Latin word for graduates or former students.

Strictly speaking, the correct terminology is alumna for a woman (alumnae in the plural), alumnus for a man (alumni in the plural). However, in general practice, the word ‘alumnae’ is rarely used – instead, ‘alumni’ refers to a group of both male and female graduates.

If you would like to join the University’s online alumni community, you can do so by clicking here. By joining the official community, you can receive alumni news, benefits and discounts, as well as get access to groups of other alumni based around academic disciplines, professional interests, area of residence and more.

Membership is free of charge. The University’s alumni community is a scheme provided and administered by the University of Liverpool direct; any queries must be made at the above link or via

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