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Note: Not all versions of Internet Explorer are supported by the Student Financial Portal.  That is why we recommend our students use a different browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.).

PayPal is an accepted method of payment in over 200 countries; we try to add countries whenever we can, but if you don't see PayPal listed as a payment option it means it is not available in your country.


From the Account Overview Screen in the Student Financial Portal, click on the Make a Payment button to get to the Payments page:

Login into Student financial portal and select PAYPAL as payment method:


Enter Payment amount and select ‘Pay via PayPal’ à you will be directed to PayPal portal

You can select two types of making payment through PayPal:

Using PayPal e-wallet account


Using your credit / debit card – please fill all card and address details to complete payment

If you selected pay via PayPal account plese log into your e-wallet account using your PayPal login credentials

Next select PayPal payment option: e-wallet balance / card. You will be provided exchange rate as well as options to change address or payment type. Proceed with necessary PayPal portal steps to finalize your payment.


Upon completing your payment with PayPal, a payment confirmation notification will be displayed.  A payment confirmation will also be sent to your email address.

Note: You can check the status of your payment on your Student Financial Portal in the In Progress section of the Payment Activity page.  


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